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COVID-19 Music Resources

As we're all aware, the existence and rapid spread ​of COVID-19/coronavirus has changed a great many things in our everyday lives, including voice lessons and other singing activities. The purpose of this page is provide resources for singers and singing teachers regarding coronavirus and their own musical experiences.


"Effect of voicing and articulation manner on aerosol particle emission during human speech."

"Professional and Home-Made Face Masks Reduce Exposure to Respiratory Infections among the General Population"

Access to the complete database of the Journal of Singing. ***This is normally available only through paid membership in the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), so I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of this time to dig into this incredible resource!***

A NATS Chat that breaks down some of the findings and recommendations from the two major studies done at UC Boulder and the University of Maryland.

An article from the Journal of Voice that discusses the potential after-effects of COVID-19 (with specific regard to singers), as well as suggestions for risk assessments.


A blog post from a vocal pedagogue describing her own experience with COVD-19, the resulting effects on her own voice, and the particular benefits of using SOVT exercises in the recuperation and rehabilitation of her voice.


Suggestions specific to public school and college/university choral programs from choral director Ethan Sperry:

A PHENOMENAL webinar from NATS and ACDA providing tips and tools on choral rehearsals during COVID-19:


Considerations for church singing from Dr. Heather Nelson, a vocologist specializing in vocal pedagogy and voice science:

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